General Information

Welcome to The-Old Piping Bag and thank you for your purchase.

  • All of our moulds are handmade from premium quality, food grade silicone.
  • You can use fondant, Royal Icing, modelling paste or any inedible mediums in them, including polymer clay or play dough etc. If using inedible mediums it is not recommended to use them for edible purposes subsequently.
  • They are heat safe up to 200 degrees and are top rack dishwasher safe.
  • For best results when moulding for sugarcraft, we suggest using modelling or flower paste.  Fondant mixed with Tylo also works well
  • It is recommended that fatty food contact (e.g., melted chocolate), should not exceed two hours at a temperature of less than 40 degrees.

How to use our moulds:

Fill the mould with your chosen paste, pushing it firmly into all cavities and details.  Doing this ensures your paste picks up the detail from the mould and avoids there being any gaps in your finished piece.

We haven’t found it necessary to dust or freeze our moulds (with the exception of the large blocks).  As long as your paste isn’t too sticky, you shouldn’t need to either.  If your paste is sticky, we have found that incorporating a little Trex, or a similar solid vegetable fat into your paste will take care of it.

Once your cavity is filled.  All you need to do is smooth the top and gently push the paste away from the edges of the cavity so that you get a clean edge on your finished piece.  Now just flex the sides of the mould, turn it upside down and your finished piece will pop out.

If you’re using one of our ribbons or borders, we suggest turning your mould upside down on a solid surface.  Flex one end and gently peel the mould from the paste.


When moulding the larger blocks, we have found two ways to make your life easier – modelling paste is recommended:

  1. Fill and push the paste in very firmly to ensure all corners are filled.  Smooth the top and pop in the freezer.  Once hardened, flex the sides of the mould with the mould upside down and your block will pop out.
  2. Fill and push the paste in very firmly to ensure all corners are filled.  Smooth the top and pop in the microwave for just a few seconds. Push the paste in again and smooth the top.  Allow to cool (this should only take a few seconds).  Once cooled, your block should pop out.
  3. There is a video on our Facebook page  showing a quick and easy method.  Fill the cavity, smooth the top, turn the mould over and tap the bottom of the cavity and your block will pop out.  You can also tap it on a work surface or table.

Trade enquiries are welcome.  Please contact us to register your interest.


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