Edible Eye Mould and Transfers


Edible Eye Mould and Transfers

A versatile half sphere mould with 12 cavities of six different sizes.

Our uniquely designed and developed pre-cut edible transfers allow you to make realistic eye lenses and eyeballs.  Minimum of 70 transfers per pack, sold in double coloured packs as named on the product photos.

The transfers are gluten, dairy, nut, and egg free.


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Edible Eye Mould and Transfers

The Half Sphere Multi mould:

  • A versatile half sphere multi mould with 12 cavities of six different sizes.
  • Use with isomalt, fondant, gum-paste, modelling paste, jelly, clay, salt dough, plaster, wax and polymer clay
  • Create eyes, flower centres, flowers, spots, pearls/balls, puffy clouds (mould several & cover with paste), car headlights, patterns, squash shapes from the different cavities & put them together to create pathways or use the cavities as petal formers

The Edible Isomalt Transfers:

  • Unique designs
  • Edible
  • Gluten, dairy, nut and egg free
  • Pre-cut for convenience
  • 6 sizes designed to fit the mould cavities
  • 9 different double colour packs – 18 designs
  • A minimum of 70 transfers in each iris pack.  Two different designs/colours per individual pack as shown on photos
  • Made from a specialist, edible material
  • Background of image disappears in contact with isomalt
  • Image brightens in contact with isomalt
  • Non bulky – only the image transfers to the isomalt


  • Our pre-cut transfers are made from a specialist material and are not prints on wafer paper or fondant/icing sheets.
  • The pre-cut transfers are circles with a border surrounding the iris. Background material disappears in contact with hot isomalt
  • There may be small ‘flakes’ of material in the packaging.  This is waste material from the cutting process. A light dusting with a soft paintbrush will remove it.
  • The transfers are delicate.  Please handle with care.  The image will scratch easily and flake if bent.
  • Colours will vary slightly from those shown because of screen and print differences
  • If alternatives to our transfers are used, we cannot be responsible for the results

Use the Half Sphere Multi and Transfers mould to create a realistic isomalt eye to fit into our unique Dinosaur/Reptile/Dragon mould (and many other things!).  Find it here:

Size of cavities (approximately):  5mm, 9mm, 14mm, 19mm, 25mm, 28mm


Additional information

Weight 150 g

Mould & Transfer Pack 1, Mould & Transfer Pack 2, Mould & Transfer Pack 3, Mould & Transfer Pack 4, Mould & Transfer Pack 5, Mould & Transfer Pack 6, Mould & Transfer Pack 7, Mould & Transfer Pack 8, Mould & Transfer Pack 9, Transfer Pack 1 only, Transfer Pack 2 only, Transfer Pack 3 only, Transfer Pack 4 only, Transfer Pack 5 only, Transfer Pack 6 only, Transfer Pack 7 only, Transfer Pack 8 only, Transfer Pack 9 only, Mould only


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