Unicorn Horns Ears & Puffy Cloud Moulds


Unicorn Horns Ears & Puffy Clouds

Puffy Clouds and super cute Unicorn/Pandicorn Horns & Ears.

Add them to your cupcakes or larger cakes for the ‘aww’ factor!  Use them with clay to create wonderful fridge magnets and decorations.

Pandicorn tutorial by Shereen Van Ballegooyen @ Shereen’s Cakes & Bakes is included in the product photos, together with her adorable cake bomb tutorial.  Please see the main product description for further details.

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Unicorn Horns Ears & Puffy Cloud Moulds have been made in collaboration with the incredibly talented Shereen Van Ballegooyen of Shereen’s Cakes & Bakes.

Shereen is a highly acclaimed, award winning cake decorator and author, who has shared her modelling skills for you to add wonderful models to your makes in seconds! *Details of Pandicorn tutorial is below…


The Unicorn Horns Ears & Puffy Cloud Moulds consists of four sizes of perfectly scaled models – more 3D than 2D, for you to add to your mythical makes.  Use them on Unicorn or Pandicorn models or cupcake toppers to add a fun and colourful finish to delight and amaze.

Length of Horns:

23mm, 30mm, 38mm, 41mm


The Puffy Clouds mould includes six different shapes and sizes of perfectly puffy clouds to add to cupcake toppers or larger cakes.  These are super fast and easy to use.  Simply pop your paste in the cavities, level the top and pop out!  Puffy clouds with a 3D appearance in seconds!

Size of Clouds (length x width)

25mm x 20mm

30mm x 20mm

40mm x 25mm

41mm x 15mm

50mm x 25mm

80mm x 30mm



*Shereen has kindly shared her tutorial for making her adorable Pandicorn (please see product photos).  Please contact her direct for details of her awesome range of high quality, stainless steel cutters

Shereen used her Teddy 1 cutter and the small horn from the Horns/Ears mould.  She covered her modelling paste with clingfilm before cutting out the face and arms, to achieve a lovely rounded effect.

There is also a tutorial to create adorable cake bombs (please see product photo)




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