How to Build a Dragon



The Magical Dragon Machine


1.  A cake artist with a vision – Hannah Edwards (goggles optional)

Hannah Edwards Singh

2. A fellow cake artist, right hand woman – Steph Parker (coloured water [cough], crucial)…

…who has a long suffering dad named Paul/Poppa Bear/Master Grafter with wizardry skills (and a garage, a van and lots of patience)

Poppa Bear

3.  64 global cake artists divided into 4 talent oozing teams.  Here are a few of the artists…

Team Dragon

Team Tinker

Team Floral

Team Critter

4.  10 fabulous sponsors and a venue for the installation


5.  Vision and imagination

6.  Bucket loads of talent

7.  Determination

8.  A marquee for the build, (preferably near a pub for ‘moral’ support)

9.  Lighting and sound effects

10.  An amazing charity supporting the homeless in Manchester and Cardiff – Coffee4Craig

11.  A slight hint of craziness

12.  A knife (see below for appropriate use)


1.  Procrastinate, ponder, deliberate

2.  Allow imaginations to run wild and create

3.  Combine all ingredients at the NEC Birmingham 3-5 November 2017


One awesome, 7ft tall, 17ft long scrapyard dragon, weighing around 100kg (named Craig)

Dragon Cake


Dragon Face

Craig’s  incredible scrapyard was filled with unique, imaginative Tinkers, Critters and Floral displays, that were either posted to Dragon HQ from locations worldwide, or hand delivered; detailed works of edible art, created by the wonderfully talented artists.

He took around six months to complete, and was made from sugar and modelling paste, with a sponge cake centre, mounted onto a bike frame.

Craig was no ordinary dragon – he was truly magical!

His rotating rose heart, flapping wings, rotating head, tapping toe, light up eyes and smoke breathing nostrils, caused adults to gasp and captivated children to stare in awe.

Nestled amongst the fantasy flora, crazy critters and tremendous tinkers, were beetles that scuttled, an owl with a swivelling head, a tin can dog with moving eyes, and the mad inventor flying!

The musical beat compelled bodies to move and toes to tap.  A sensory feast, with new discoveries at every glance!

The 600+ slices of cake in his body were distributed to the homeless by Coffee4Craig.

This spectacular 4D theatre installation has been featured by many, including The Daily Mail, Home Bakers India, Unilad Grub, MSN, StoryTrender and was filmed by Boomerang, makers of Channel 4’s programme, Extreme Cake Makers.

It was a pleasure to contribute in a very small way to this unique, ground-breaking project – the first articulated cake at Cake International, and truly humbling that so many incredibly talented cake artists used pieces from my moulds on their fantastic creations.  I wonder what next year’s installation will be?…


Dragon Cake Cutting

The knife is useful here!

Dragon Cake Artist


(1) Hannah Edwards-Singh – The Cake Illusionist – Project Manager
(2) Steph Parker – Made of Memories Cakes – Co-Leader, Team Dragon, Master Builder, Dragon Jockey, Behind the Scenes
(3) Amy Bohan – Amy’s Heavenly Cakes – Team Dragon, Facebook Admin, Product Donation and Behind the Scenes
(4) Ana Mourinho Remigo – CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal -Team Critter
(5) Angelique Meyer – Funky Cakes and Goodies – Team Dragon
(6) Angelique van Veenendaal – Cake Garden – Team Tinker
(7) Angie Harris – Angie Scott Cakes – Team Critter and Team Dragon
(8) Stuart Harris – Music and Video Production
(9) Cheryl Gaulton — Jammy Jam Cakes – Team Critter, Team Dragon and Technical Support
(10) Chetan Vallabh – Cakeart – Team Critter and Team Dragon
(11) Christine Craig – La Lavande Sugar Florist -Team Floral
(12) Christine Kerr – The Raspberry Butterfly – Team Floral
(13) Corinna McGuire — Lovin From the Oven- Team Tinker
(14) Davinder Gill – Flourbowl Cakes – Team Floral
(15) Dirk Luchtmeijer — Cakez ‘n’ Fun- Team Tinker
(16) Dorothy Klerck – Eat Cake Party – Team Critter
(17) Etty van Urk – Cake Dutchess – Team Critter and Sponsor providing modelling paste
(18) Gwen Powell –drageekiss – Logistics and Giveaway Sponsor
(19) Hannah Evans – Crafnant Cakes- Team Critter
(20) Harriet Childs – CakeyCake – Team Tinker
(21) Hayley O’Beirnes – Gadget Cakes – Team Dragon
(22) Heidi Anderson—Heidi’s Little Cakery – Team Floral and Team Critter
(23) Hendrix Lancaster – Coffee4Craig – Logistics and Charitable Relations
(24) Jacqui Kelly – Totally Sugar – Team Dragon
(25) Janette McPherson – Janette McPherson Cake Craft – Team Leader for Team Critter
(26) Jennifer Jenkins Kennedy – Jenny’s Haute Cakes – Co-Leader for Team Tinker and Facebook Admin
(27) Jenny Skelton – Vale Cakes – Team Dragon
(28) Jo Edwards – Cakes by Jo – Team Critter
(29) Joanne Ranson – R Cakes – Logistics
(30) Jonathan Theuma – JT Cakes – Team Tinker
(31) Julia Marie Reynolds Wilson – Julia Marie Cakes – Team Floral
(32) Julie Rudd – Kiss Me Cake – Team Floral
(33) Karen Blackwell – Butterfly Cakes & Bakes – Team Leader for Team Floral and Team Dragon
(34) Karen Geraghty — Bake Cake Create – Team Tinker
(35) Karolina Andreasova – Karolina Art Designer – Team Tinker
36) Karrin Simpson – Karrin’s Cakes – Team Tinker and Team Dragon
(37) Lisa Speck — Ponty Carlo Cakes – Team Critter
(38) Liz Faulkner — Rosie’s Bakes -Team Critter
(39) Margaret Ellis – Margaret Ellis Art of Sugar -Team Floral
(40) Marie McGrath – Marie’s Bakehouse – Team Critter
(41) Marisa Kemp — Cake Angel – Team Tinker
(42) Nina Evans Williams — Mon Cottage Cupcakes – Team Critter
(43) Paul Parker – Team Dragon and Mechanical Build
(44) Petra Arnold – Fondant Caketopper Tutorials by Peet – Team Tinker
(45) Rhianydd Webb – Dragons & Daffodils Cakes – Team Tinker
(46) Rob Baker-Gall – Mr. Baker’s Cakes – Team Dragon, Facebook Admin and Behind the Scenes
(47) Sally Gardiner – Mamgi Cakes – Team Floral and Team Dragon
(48) Sarah Garland – The Crafty Kitchen – TeamTinker
(49) Sarah Hadley Rainsford – Eat My Muffin Bakery – Team Floral
(50) Sarah Lou Smith — Sensational Sugar Art by Sarah Lou – Team Tinker
(51) Shane Bennett — KVLT Cakes – Team Critter
(52) Shell Robinson – Spotty Cake Tin – Team Floral
(53) Sonia Caunce — Sonia Caunce Cake Design – Team Critter and Team Dragon
(54) Simone Hanlon –Simon Hanlon the Cake Artist – Team Tinker
(55) Suzanne Readman — Cakin’ Faerie Cake Design & Decoration – Team Tinker
(56) Sue Wainwright –Escaped to Sugarland – Team Floral
(57) Suzanne Esper – Suzanne Esper Cake School – Team Floral
(58) Tanya Ross – Novel-T Cakes – Team Critter
(59) Teresa Baxter – Midnight Cake Creations – Team Dragon, Team Floral, Facebook Admin, Product Donation and Behind the Scenes
(60) Toni Simpole — Daisychain Cupcakes – Team Critter
(61) Trudy Smith – The Chain Lane Cake Company – Team Critter
(62) Victoria Forward — Victoria Sponge – Team Critter
(63) Vicky Turner – The Yellow Bee Cake Company – Co-Leader Team Tinker
(64) Yuri Jazmin Gonzales Aguilar – Jazmin’s Cakes – Team Tinker, Team Critter and Team Floral


(a) Dummies Direct – Product sponsor – Styrofoam dummies for dragon’s head and feet

(b) Renshaw – Product sponsor – Fondant and modelling paste

(c) Rainbow Dust Colours – Product sponsor – Metallic edible paint

(d) The Old Piping Bag –  Silicone moulds for all teams, mould giveaway sponsor

(e) Cake Dutchess – Sponsor providing modelling paste

(f) drageekiss – Giveaway sponsor – Drageekiss

(g) Sweet Success – Product sponsor – Cake for the Dragon

(h) The Black Horse Atherstone – Provided build location

(i) Platinum Paste – Product Sponsor – Floral paste

(j) Motion Mapping – Sponsor – Special effects (projection and sound)

Stock moulds used on this project were:

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