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Motorcycle Chain


Motorcycle Chain

Our Motorcycle Chain mould can also be used for cycling themed cakes/cupcakes.

approx 15mm wide x 120mm long.  Join multiple pieces to make longer chains.



Motorcycle Chain

use our Motorcycle Chain mould for cycling themed cakes/cupcakes and craft projects.

Made originally for a large collaborative project ‘The Magical Dragon Machine’ featured at Cake International 2017.  In February 2018, it made an appearance on Channel 4 during a broadcast of  Extreme Cake Makers.

There is a Blog post on our website, explaining and detailing all of our mould designs used on the project here: How to Build a Dragon

Use with edible and non-edible mediums: clay, plaster, salt dough, fondant, resin etc

Size of finished chain (approx): 15mm wide x 120mm long.  Mould multiple times and join to make longer chains.





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Weight 99 g


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